“I was inspired to swim to Misery Island and back 10 years ago, and recruited my dad who accompanied me in a kayak. After years of competitive training, starting as a world champion rower and continuing as an Ironman and pro adventure racer, Misery showed me a challenge that anyone could accomplish with focus and some guts - an adventure for families or competitive athletes. Destination racing invites nature to the start and finish line - it’s my favorite way to train, compete and appreciate New England.“

- Josh Crosby Race Dir. and Reincarnated Fish


Josh Crosby is a former professional ultra-endurance athlete, Ironman World Champion competitor and World Champion rower. Today, he uses his world class athletic pedigree to coach and inspire others as an international fitness presenter, program/product consultant, race director and co-creator of fitness programs Indo-Row and ShockWave launched in over 400 clubs internationally. Most recently he has created an indoor rowing workout video series viewed by millions and acts as a rowing advisor to Orange Theory Fitness.



My "team" shown below, plus dozens of amazing volunteers and friends, make the Misery Challenge a truly unique, community building, misery-able at times, fun event. Come spend the morning with us on the water or the land cheering on your favorite Challenger!