Sexy Misery Challenge Race Shirt (that your friends will want to steal) / Race Bib / Professional Timing from RaceWire / Awards and Prizes / Race Caps for Swimmers / Safety Support / Post Race Food and Beverage (Brew and Non-Alcoholic Sips)/ Kids Games / Free Parking / a donation to HUMANS FOR OCEANS /A Killer Boost to Your Ego and Serious Bragging Rights!


HIGH TIDE!!!! Yup, swimmers... no mud running this year! Many factors go into the date choice for the Misery Challenge, most of which I can't control. However, this year we are blessed by the sea-gods with high tide to make your swim a little longer and run to the finish-line a bit shorter! 

Surfski Division and Women's 14' Paddle Board Division added as well as awards for NON-wetsuit swimmers (a.k.a. 'the Lycra Mafia')


We will doing boat/board classifications as seen below. All awards will be given out as follows, but are subject to change upon final entry numbers. Some of you are racing this, but remember that for all of us it's really about the Challenge!

Overall - 1st M/F. 
Age Group - 1st M/F for 16-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60 plus. Non-Wetsuit 1st M/F

Overall 1st M/F. 
Age Group: 1st Place M/F over 45 and 1st Place M/F Under 45.  
Youngest (min. age 14) 
Double Kayak Category: 1st place only. 
This includes race kayaks and touring kayaks. Singles and doubles only!

SURFSKIS: NEW FOR 2017/18 Surfskis ARE allowed, but NOT eligible for awards unless we have 5 or more entries. 

Overall 1st M/F. 
Age Group: 1st Place M/F over 45. 1st Place M/F Under 45.  
Youngest (min. age 14) 
Double Shell Category will be 1st place ONLY. 
No Quads allowed. 

1st place M/F for 12'6 Race Board. 
1st place M/F for 14' Race Boards. 
1st Place M/F for 12'0 and under Recreational boards.


Although this event can be competitive as well as casual, safety is top priority for all. Therefore, our goal is to attract experienced/trained swimmers. Upon registration you must prove that you have the ability to handle the open water conditions and variables associated with the ocean. This proof will be in the form of ONE of the following:  1. race results involving a swim of .9 miles or greater 2. A letter from a certified swim/triathlete coach attesting to an individual’s ability to handle open water conditions 3. Membership of US Masters Swimming or USA Swimming. Swimmers must be at least 16 yrs. old on race day and have parent/guardian permission.

Proof will be required with your online registration.  No proof, no swim.

In addition, all racers (swimmers, paddlers, rowers, kayakers) will be required to sign a waiver attesting to their understanding and ability to control their craft. They must provide equipment that meets USCG requirements (see below). Brightly colored swim caps will be provided and required to be worn by swimmers. Numbers will be written on arms and/or on hands.

Safety kayaks, SUPs and rescue boats will be on the course for emergencies.


Swimmers must be 16 yrs. or older on race day. Rowers, Kayakers, SUPs must be: A. 14 yrs. or older on Race Day to participate in the Misery Challenge B. Accompanied by an adult while racing either in the same boat or alongside in regards to SUP. Race officials will be confirming this on race day. If no adult partner is present, racers under 16 will be withdrawn from race.

Wetsuits are HIGHLY encouraged and will be REQUIRED in waters under 60 degrees. From personal experience, you will want them! If waters are 60 or over, it's racers choice. New this year... non-wetsuit awards. 

All SUPs will be required to have PFD's on their person or secured to their boards. Leashes are recommended. KAYAKERS AND ROWERS: Must have PFD's secured in their boat (1 per person). Emergency whistles are recommended for all participants in these categories. Boats/SUPs must be checked off by race volunteers for PFD's .


All swimmers/rowers/kayakers will be given 2 hrs. from their starting time to complete the Challenge.  Rowers due to the later starting time in 2018 you will have 1 hr. 15 mins. to finish. 

The swim course is 3 miles and the paddle/row course is 4 miles. This is harbor and open ocean water. Any of those unable to complete in the allotted time will be removed from course if not nearing finish line - call will be up to HarborMaster.


We HIGHLY encourage carpooling. There is limited room for parking so please help us out in any way by respecting the volunteers who will be assisting in parking. Please be aware that there will be folks enjoying that park that are not part of the event. Please respect the use of this wonderful shared space. 

PARKING FOR 2018: Due to ever growing event participant numbers, Parking will be available at TWO different locations in 2018 and is based off of your event entry. Please follow these rules. 

ALL SWIMMERS must park at this location -  1 Brookwood Rd. Manchester, MA 01944. This will be a very short bus ride running before and after racing (provided by Misery Challenge) to the registration site. 

ALL KAYAKERS/SUPS/ROWERS park on site with their gear. 17 Tuck's Point Rd. Manchester, MA 

Restrooms will be available through the Park's facilities as well as portable toilets. 


Bring your perfect pre-race food, but bananas, bars and water will be there for post-race. For more substantial, tasty treats be sure to bring some cash for amazing street tacos (including Lobster) done by 7 Central! We are hoping to have Barefoot Wine & Bubbly back for more fun and micro-brew on board this year to quench your post-race thirst and help you share your "play-by-play" of your epic adventure. 


Due to the nature of this race and the elements involved weather may force alteration of the course to allow racing to occur on the given Saturday race-day. If conditions, are deemed to unsafe by HarborMaster and USCG, then the event with be held SUNDAY, July 22nd at the at same times. 

*The Misery Challenge reserves the right to refuse to register any individual or boat. Misery Challenge may also expel or refuse any participant or boat before or during the event for lack of required equipment, unsafe operation, disregard for event rules, or unsporting behavior.